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HAL® 36xy

Programmable Hall-Effect Sensor Familiy for Automotive Applications based on 3D HAL Technology

Short Description

Note: HAL 36xy is not recommended for new designs and can be replaced by HAL 37xy.

The HAL 36xy familiy represents a new level of performance for Hall-effect sensors enabling a significant simplification in the design of magnetic systems. The sensors are based on TDK-Micronas’ innovative 3D HAL technology, which combines standard lateral with vertical Hall plates. The HAL 36xy family is targeted for rotational movement detection up to 360°.

The devices of this family measure the X and Y component of a magnetic field in the sensor plane. Monitoring the relative strength of both components leads to a stable output even if the distance between magnet and sensor varies. The result is angular rotation measurement from 0° to 360° with very high accuracy over a wide temperature range. The devices are available with ratiometric analog output ( HAL 3625) or PWM output (HAL 3675).

The sensors are housed in a small SOIC8 SMD package and are AECQ100 qualified. They include an integrated wire-break detection feature that works in conjunction with a pull-up or pull-down resistor to detect fault conditions. Internal digital signal processing algorithms in conjunction with integrated non-volatile memory enable customization and robust calibration for application-specific impairments. Easy to use LabVIEW(TM)-based software and high-quality application notes accelerate development, even for novice magnet system designers. The result is a quickly developed, customized sensor system with extremely low temperature drift and insensitivity to air gap variations.

Block diagram – system architecture

The HAL 36xy sensors are produced in a proven submicron CMOS technology.The HAL 36xy features temperature-compensated Hall plates with choppered offset compensation, two A/D converters for the magnetic field information, a temperature sensor with A/D converter, digital signal processing, a push-pull output, an EEPROM memory with redundancy and lock function for the calibration data and the data register information, a serial interface for programming the EEPROM, and protection devices on all pins.

The HAL 36xy family is programmable by modulating the output voltage. No additional programming pin is needed.

The internal digital signal processing is of great benefit because analog offsets, temperature shifts, and mechanical stress do not degrade the sensor accuracy.

The HAL 36xy/38xy use licenses of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. 36xy 36xy

All products of this family

HAL 3625

Package: SOIC8
Ordering Code: HAL 3625DJ-A
Interface : Analog, 3-Wire
Temp. Range: -40°C - 170°C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-30 - +-150

HAL 3675

Package: SOIC8
Ordering Code: HAL 3675DJ-A
Interface : PWM
Temp. Range: -40°C - 170°C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-30 - +-100