Product Family

HAL® 283x

Linear Hall-Effect Sensors with SENT Output

Short Description

Note: The HAL 283x sensor family is not recommended for new designs.

The HAL 283x are members of the Micronas varioHAL® (HAL 28xy) family of programmable linear Hall-effect sensors.

The sensors feature a digital SENT interface (Single Edge Nibble Transmission). This interface enables a fast and robust data transfer in harsh automotive environments. The implementation of the interface complies with the SAE J2716 SENT standard release 2010-01.

Each SENT message consists of a sequence of pulses. In one protocol, the sensor transmits the magnetic field information, a status information of the sensor, and a CRC checksum for safety reasons. Optional, a pause pulse is added at the end of each protocol to enable a synchronous transmission.

The digital signal processing is of great benefit because analog offsets, temperature shifts, and mechanical stress do not degrade digital signals.

Major characteristics like magnetic field range, sensitivity, offset, and the temperature coefficients of sensitivity and offset can easily be adjusted to the magnetic circuit by programming the non-volatile memory.

The HAL 283x is available in the very small leaded package TO-92UT.

Block diagram – system architecture

The HAL 283x sensors are produced in a proven automotive technology.

The HAL 283x feature a Hall plate with offset compensation, an A/D converter for the Hall plate, an A/D converter for the temperature sensor, digital signal processing (RISC processor), a digital SENT interface, an EEPROM memory with redundancy and lock function for the calibration data, the SENT output configuration, and protection devices on all pins.

The HAL 283x is programmable by means of BiPhase-M telegrams. No additional programming pin is needed. The sensor is programmed through its output pin. 283x 283x