HAL® 38xy

Programmable Hall-Effect Sensor Family based on 3D HAL Technology for Automotive Applications

Short Description

Note: HAL 38xy is not recommended for new designs and can be replaced by HAL 37xy.

The HAL 38xy is a new sensor family using the Micronas 3D HAL technology. This new family has several members. HAL 385x provides a linear, ratiometric analog output signal with integrated wire-brake detection working with pull-up or pull-down resistor. HAL 387x features a configurable PWM output with up to 12 bit resolution with frequencies between 0.25 kHz and 2 kHz.

Conventional planar Hall technology is only sensitive to the magnetic field orthogonal to the chip surface. In addition to the orthogonal magnetic field, HAL 38xy is also sensitive for magnetic fields applied in parallel to the chip surface. This is possible by integrating vertical Hall plates into the standard CMOS process.

The sensor cell can measure three magnetic field components BX, BY, and BZ. This enables a new set of potential applications, like wide distance or throughshaft angular measurements.

On-chip signal processing calculates the angle out of two of the magnetic field components and converts this value to an output signal. Due to the measurement method, the sensor exhibits excellent drift performance over the specified temperature range resulting in a new class of accuracy for angular or linear measurements.

Additionally to the built-in signal processing, the sensor features an arbitrary programmable linear characteristic for linearization of the output signal (with up to 32 setpoints).

Major characteristics like gain and offset of X/Y- and Z-channel, reference position, phase shift between X/ Y- and Z-signal, hysteresis, low-pass filter frequency, output slope, and offset and clamping levels can be adjusted to the magnetic circuitry by programming the non-volatile memory.

The sensor contains advanced on-board diagnostic features that enhance fail-safe detection. In addition to standard checks, such as overvoltage and undervoltage detection and wire break, internal blocks such as ROM and signal path are monitored during normal operation. For devices with a PWM output, the error modes are indicated by a change of PWM frequency and duty-cycle.

The devices are designed for automotive applications and operate with junction temperature from -40 °C up to 170 °C.

The sensors are available in a SOIC8 package.


Block diagram – system architecture

The HAL 38xy uses licenses of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

https://www.micronas.tdk.com/sites/default/files/svg/block_diagram_HAL38xy_web.svgHAL 38xy
https://www.micronas.tdk.com/sites/default/files/fallback/1500px_block_diagram_HAL38xy_web.gifHAL 38xy