Product Family

HVC 5x

Compact Motor-Controllers for BLDC, BDC, or Stepper Motors

After serving a rapidly growing market with our popular HVC 4223F and HVC 4420F fully programmable, automotive motor drivers, ­TDK‑­Micronas is proud to announce the first members of the next-generation HVC 5x ­devices: the HVC 5221D and HVC 5222C. These devices present an evolution from the “one size fits all” approach of their HVC 4x predecessors to serve the same applications with a focus on smaller size, lower cost, and less external components.  In addition, the HVC 4x and HVC 5x families are allowing TDK-Micronas to offer our customers a dual wafer fab sourcing strategy with largeley compatible devices. 

While the HVC 5221D is targeted at stepper and brushed DC-motor applications with four 500 mA motor terminals, the HVC 5222C is focused on three-phase brushless motor applications with peak currents up to 1 A.

To maintain compatibility to the HVC 4x generation, the new devices use the same Arm Cortex-M3 based microcontroller with 32 KB flash memory and 4 KB of RAM with largely the same peripheral motor-control features as their predecessors. as well as LIN bus connectivity.

The general-purpose I/O pins (GPIO) have been reduced to seven and some power supply pins have been eliminated to ­reduce the bill of material (BOM). A WAKE input and an external reset pin have been added to ­increase application flexibility. 

Additional features, such as differential input channels, digital timers, capture-compare  units, and an SPI interface enable integration of additional application functions as well as TDK-Micronas’ large portfolio of Hall switches or 2D/3D sensors for more precise motor control.

The HVC 5221D, HVC 5222C as well as all future HVC 5x devices with higher currents and more memory all come  in  a  pin-compatible, thermally efficient 5 mm × 5 mm PQFN24 package

HVC 5x Variants
HVC 5221D: 4 x 0.5 A driving currents
HVC 5222C: 3 x 1.0 A driving currents


*IP-Notice: If LIN auto-addressing features are used, third-party rights such as EP 1490 772 B should be considered.

Block diagram – System Architecture


HVC 5221D

パッケージ: QFN24
注文コード: HVC5221D
インターフェース: LIN, SPI, UART
動作温度範囲: -40°C - 150°C
Kern: 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3

HVC 5222C

パッケージ: QFN24
注文コード: HVC5222C
インターフェース: LIN, SPI, UART
動作温度範囲: -40°C - 150°C
Kern: 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3