Current Sensing


The CUR 423x sensors are developed for high-power DC and AC measurements in automotive and industrial applications. The sensors are based on the TDK TMR technology, which has already been proven in existing automotive sensor products and is now paving the way for innovative coreless current-sensing applications.

Current Sensing

CUR 423x
  • TJ = -40 to 170 °C
  • ASIL-B ready
  • TSSOP16 package
  • Programmable
  • TMR sensing technology
  • High accuracy
  • Coreless current sensing
  • SENT, SPI, analog interface
HAL 24xy
  • TJ = −40 to 170 °C
  • TO92 package
  • Programmable
HAL 2420
  • - 2-point calibration
HAL 2425
  • 2-point calibration
  • 16 setpoints linearization
HAL 2455
  • 2-point calibration
  • 16 setpoints
  • PWM output
HAR 24xy
    • Dual-Die Hall sensors
      with in-package redundancy
    • TSSOP14 package

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    CUR 4235GWBA TSSOP16 -40°C-170°C Analog, SENT, SPI CUR4235GWBA
    CUR 4235GWDA TSSOP16 -40°C-170°C Analog, SENT, SPI CUR4235GWDA