PMDM-Minebea and Micronas announce their joint-collaboration on the HVC 2480B controller for DC motors with power transistors incorporated (PR1214)

Nov 06, 2012 - Trade News - PR1214

The ideal solution for the control of brush-type and BLDC motors with small form factor requirements

Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg, Germany, November 6, 2012 – PMDM Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH and Micronas (SIX Swiss Exchange: MASN) announce that they have collaborated on the design of the groundbreaking HVC 2480B, the most highly-integrated solution for DC motor control available on the market today.

The HVC 2480B, a high-voltage controller for use in automotive and industrial applications, features advanced integration which reduces the number of required external components to a minimum, enabling compact and cost-effective system designs. The product’s flexible peripherals allow control of both brush-type and brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Three fully integrated half-bridges are capable of delivering a maximum current of 600mA, ideal for compact motor designs. For higher power requirements the device’s six enhanced PWM outputs can be configured to drive external MOSFET power transistors.

"We were pleased to collaborate on the design of the HVC 2480B smart actuator controller not only because of its top-notch level of integration but also because of its built-in flexibility in enabling various motor applications and commutation schemes” says Mr. Guido Schmid, Division Manager RC Motion Control of PMDM. “Together with Micronas, we offer a first-class solution that consigns alternative discrete solutions to the past".

"Having such an insightful partner like PMDM-Minebea was determinant in the successful development of the HVC 2480B smart actuator controller” says Mr. Dirk Behrens, Vice President Automotive at Micronas. “This is a significant milestone for both companies and a testimony of their commitment towards product design and engineering excellence".

About PMDM GmbH
The PM DM Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH is the key motor development centre of the international Japanese Minebea Co. Ltd. Tokyo. The Minebea company employs about 50.000 employees worldwide and is a leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic components. PM DM develop innovative electronically commutated DC motors (BLDC motors), stepper motors and hard disks drives. In addition, we have developed the new Energy Harvesting industrial application, which is the winner of the Energy Harvesting Award 2012 in Berlin.

New Development
Our newest product is an actuator, which consists of electromotor, gearing, electronics and a special housing. This actuator controls the ventilation flaps of the radiator grille in an automobile. In new vehicle types, ventilation flaps arranged behind the radiator grille are closed at lower outside temperatures, in future, the engine will reach its operating temperature faster. So saving fuel and reducing CO2 emission considerably.

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About Micronas
Micronas (SIX Swiss Exchange: MASN) is known and recognized in the automotive and industrial business as a reliable global acting partner for intelligent, sensor-based system solutions. Micronas offers a variety of Hall sensors and embedded controllers for smart actuators for automotive and industrial applications, such as drive trains, chassis frames, engine management and convenience functions.

Micronas serves all major automotive electronics customers worldwide, many of them in continuous partnerships seeking joint success. While the holding company is headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), operational headquarters are based in Freiburg (Germany). Currently, the Micronas Group employs around 900 persons. For more information about Micronas and its products, please visit

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