Direct Angle Sensors




HAL 37xy/39xy 使用Fraunhofer Institute的集成电路IIS许可。


HAL 302x
  • TA = −40 to 150 °C
  • SOIC8 package
  • Motor Position Sensing
  • High-speed 360° angle measurement          
  • Programmable characteristics
  • Diagnostic functions




HAL 3020
  • Lower current consumption
HAL 3021
  • Higher robustness against mechanical tolerances
  • Higher SNR
  • Closer air gaps, smaller target magnet
HAL 37xy
  • 结温= −40 to 150°C
  • SOIC8,TO92UP或TO92UF封装
  • 优异的精度
  • 编程特性参数存储在一个非易失性存储器里
  • 诊断功能
  • 可测量角度以及线性位移
HAL 371x
  • 12位模拟/模数输出
HAL 372x
  • 12位模拟输出
HAL 373x
  • PWM和SENT输出
HAL 39xy
  • TA = −40 to 150 °C
  • SOIC8, TO92UF
    or SSOP16 package
  • SEooC according to ISO 26262
  • Stray-field compensation
    for homogenous and gradient magnetic fields
  • 3D position detection
    (linear movement, angle
    and position)
  • Direct 12 V battery supply
  • Programmable characteristics in a non-volatile memory
HAL 3900
  • SPI interface
  • Position and BX, BY, BZ
HAL 3930
  • PWM/SENT/Switch interface
  • Up to two angles
HAC 3930
  • PWM/SENT/Switch interface
  • Up to two angles
  • Integrated capacitors
HAC 3960
  • 2-wire PWM interface
  • One angle
  • Integrated capacitors
HAL 3970
  • SPC Interface
HAL 3980
  • PSI5 Rev. 2.x interface
  • Angle and angle velocity
HAR 3900
  • SPI interface
  • Dual-die variant
HAR 3927
  • Analog output or SENT interface
  • Dual-die variant
HAR 3930
  • PWM or SENT interface
  • Dual-die variant


产品sort descending Package 温度范围 界面 Ordering Code
HAC 3715 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC 3715UF-A
HAC 3725 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC3725UF-A
HAC 3726 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC3726UF-A
HAC 3727 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC3727UF-A
HAC 3735 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAC3735UF-A
HAC 3736 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAC3736UF-A
HAC 3737 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAC3737UF-A
HAC 3930 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT, Digital HAC3930A-CX
HAC 3980 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PSI5 HAC3980UF
HAL 3020 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, Analog Differential HAL3020DJ
HAL 3021 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, Analog Differential HAL3021DJ
HAL 3625 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 3625DJ-A
HAL 3675 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM HAL 3675DJ-A
HAL 3715 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3715UP-A
HAL 3715 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3715DJ-A
HAL 3725 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3725UP-A
HAL 3725 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3725DJ-A
HAL 3726 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3726UP-A
HAL 3726 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3726DJ-A
HAL 3727 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3727UP-A
HAL 3727 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3727DJ-A
HAL 3735 TO92UP -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3735UP-A
HAL 3735 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3735DJ-A
HAL 3736 TO92UP -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3736UP-A
HAL 3736 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3736DJ-A
HAL 3737 TO92UP -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3737UP-A
HAL 3737 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3737DJ-A
HAL 3900 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SPI HAL3900A-DJ
HAL 3930 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL3930A-DJ
HAL 3960 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM HAL3960DJ
HAL 3970 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SPC HAL3970A-DJ
HAL 3980 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SERIAL, Digital HAL3980A-DJ
HAR 3715 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3715DJ-A
HAR 3725 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3725DJ-A
HAR 3726 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3726DJ-A
HAR 3727 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3727DJ-A
HAR 3735 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR 3735DJ-A
HAR 3736 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR 3736DJ-A
HAR 3737 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR 3737DJ-A
HAR 3795 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3795DJ-A
HAR 3796 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3796DJ-A
HAR 3797 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3797DJ-A
HAR 3900 SSOP16 -40°C-170°C SPI HAR3900A-GU
HAR 3927 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR3927DJ-A
HAR 3930 SSOP16 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3930A-GU