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HAL 1002是改进了的HAL 1000霍尔开关。主要特性是BON和BOFF双开关点可编程。可以把产品编程为单极或者闩式,对N极或S极敏感,常规或者电转化输出信号。

HAL 1002有带斩波偏置补偿的温度补偿霍尔片,直流交流转换,数字信号处理,推拉输出级,有EEPROM内存供标定数据冗余和锁定,EEPROM编程的系列界面,和所有引脚的保护设施。

HAL 1002通过模块化输入供电电压来编程。两点标定简化了编程。传感器、磁场、机械位置产生的差异在总装时可以得到补偿。霍尔集成电路的温度补偿可以定制去适合各种常规的磁材料。这让全温度下的开关点稳定。对各个传感器数值和EEPROM内存的编程可以用一台个人电脑和Micronas的工具包轻松完成。

该产品设计适用于严酷工作环境下的工业和汽车应用,环境温度系从−40 °C 到150 °C。


框图 - 系统架构

The HAL 1002 is a monolithic integrated circuit which provides a digital output signal. The sensor is based on the HAL 8xx design. All blocks before the comparator are identical to the HAL 810 and the signal processing is very similar.

The Hall plate is sensitive to magnetic north and south polarity. The external magnetic field component perpendicular to the branded side of the package generates a Hall voltage. This voltage is converted to a digital value and processed in the Digital Signal Processing Unit (DSP) according to the settings of the EEPROM registers.

The setting of the LOCK register disables the programming of the EEPROM memory for all time. This register cannot be reset.

As long as the LOCK register is not set, the output characteristic can be adjusted by programming the EEPROM registers. The IC is addressed by modulating the supply voltage. In the supply voltage range from 4.5 V up to 5.5 V, the sensor generates an analog output voltage. After detecting a command, the sensor reads or writes the memory and answers with a digital signal on the output pin. The digital output is switched off during the communication.

Internal temperature compensation circuitry and the choppered offset compensation enables operation over the full temperature range with minimal changes of the switching points. The circuitry also rejects offset shifts due to mechanical stress from the package. The non-volatile memory consists of redundant EEPROM cells. In addition, the HAL 1002 is equipped with devices for overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection at all pins.

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HAL 1002

Package: TO92UT
Ordering Code: HAL 1002UT-A
界面: 3-Wire
Switching Behavior: Programmable
温度范围: -40°C - 170°C
Temperature Coefficient [ppm/K]: Programmable
Switching Points: Programmable