Battery Management

A high-precision current sensor is required for Battery Management System structuring SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health) estimation. TMR- and Hall-based magnetic-field sensors enable current measurements with high sensitivity and high accuracy in high-power applications with low output voltage drifts over temperature and a multiple magnetic-field range. The galvanically isolated power and sensing circuits are of particular benefit in 12/48 V battery monitoring and start-stop systems.

Sensor Type: Current Sensor, 1D

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Active Pedal - Acceleration

The Acceleration Pedal Sensor (APS) converts the driver‘s accelerator pedal effort into an electric signal and sends it to the engine control unit (ECU).

Two APS signals are checked for range and plausibility. The two sensors are completely independent, each one is supplied with a separate reference voltage (full redundancy). If one sensor fails, the other is used as a "limp-home" input, so the ECU will limit the maximum engine speed.

Linear Hall sensors with analog output are used to detect pedal courses with small angle (<20°). They bring reliability and high accuracy, especially to detect the accelerator idle position. They also provide small offset and sensitivity drift over lifetime and temperature.

Additionally, EV and HEV drive the need for stray-field robustness. Furthermore, an ISO 26262 compliant device is mandatory. Both requirements can be addressed by HAL 3930.

Sensor Type: 1D, 2D

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Liquid Level

Hall sensors are used to detect the liquid level (e.g. brake fluid) in a tank. Linearization setpoints are required here.

Sensor Type: 1D, 3D

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Gear position

Located inside the automatic transmission of an electric axle, the gear position sensor communicates the gearshift position to the vehicle’s electrical system. 3D sensors with PWM, SENT or SPI output are required. Linearization setpoints are required depending on the travel distance to measure. Functional safety requirements drive the need for digital output formats like SENT and ISO 26262 compliance.

Sensor Type: 1D, 2D, TMR

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Shift Lever Position

Hall sensors are used to determine the current position of the gear shift lever. The application setup can be realized by different solutions: from simple rotary shifters up to joystick-type based solutions. Both setups require a 2D (rotary) or 3D (joystick or rotary with push-function) position detection. 
Hall switches are used for extremely price-attractive solutions by placing several switches at each gear position.

Sensor Type: 3D, Switch

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Parklock Actuator

EV and HEV drive the trend towards an electric axle having the need for a parklock actuator. Ideally, the parklock actuator is directly integrated in the electric axle drives. The safe locking can be checked by using a 2D position sensor. Additionally, EV and HEV drive the need for stray-field robustness. Furthermore, an ISO 26262 compliant device is mandatory.

Sensor Types: 2D, TMR
Controller Type: HVC

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E-axis Motor Position

Electric motors used for EV and HEV need accurate rotor position detection at high rotating speeds up to 25000 RPM. TMR sensors provide a very low angular error and can be used in remote locations thanks to versions with amplified output.

Sensor Types: TMR

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Valves - Thermal Valves

Small valves are deployed throughout the vehicle for instance for the water cooling circuit control of a combustion engine. 
Micronas 2D Hall-effect sensors provide a suitable solution for the measurement of the current valve position being robust against air gap and temperature variations. Additionally, EV and HEV drive the need for stray-field robustness covered by HAL 39xy family.
HVC all-in-one integrated solutions offer a very small footprint while matching the power requirements for a BLDC drive in a single-chip solution without the need for external MOSFETs.
Especially the trend for integrated systems is driving the need of digital interfaces like SPI. HAL 3900 together with HVC enable the customer to provide thermal management systems with high integration.

Sensor Type: 2D
Controller Type: HVC

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전기차 드라이브

Today, a strong trend towards electromobility can be seen on the automotive market. Initially, hybrid vehicles (HEVs) emerged that had both a combustion engine and an additional supporting electric drive helping to reduce fuel consumption and thus emissions. Now, pure electric cars (EVs) with an adequate range have also arrived on the mass market.

In addition to common vehicle sensor technology, battery management, rotor position detection and parklock actuator control are of particular importance here. TDK offers magnetic-field sensors that are precisely tailored to these applications. 

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CUR 40xy


Flexible Multi-Hall-Array Sensor for High-Precision Current Sensing

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