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TDK-Micronas renews its trust in Dolphin Integration’s RAM and ROM Silicon IPs

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TDK-Micronas, a TDK group company and the most preferred partner for sensing and control, has renewed its trust in Dolphin Integration’s low power and dense RAM and ROM for its 3D Hall magnetic sensor products.

TDK-Micronas is a renowned company on the automotive market, especially for its world´s largest Hall sensor portfolio covering all automotive applications in Powertrain, Chassis & Safety, and Body & Comfort.

Automotive market requirements are currently driven by three new major trends: electrification, increasing connectivity and autonomous driving. These are directly impacting the design as well as the usage of car sensors, and their number. The number of sensors that require a smaller surface area, as well as reduced power consumption, in order to achieve the energy efficiency imposed by a constrained energy source should increase by a factor of seven by 2025. 

“TDK-Micronas decided to use Dolphin Integration’s RAM and ROM silicon IPs for its new generation of 3D Hall magnetic sensor products, thanks to the best fit of small footprint, low power and high electrical performance, as well as for the strong support received during the design phase” says Mario Anton, Vice President R&D at TDK-Micronas.

“The RAM PLUTON and the ROM CASSIOPEIA architectures are part of an energy efficient silicon IP large offering that have been manufactured on numerous ICs, with a cumulative volume of up to 800 000 wafers” says Frédéric Renoux, Executive Vice President at Dolphin Integration.

About TDK-Micronas
TDK-Micronas is the most preferred partner for sensing and control. TDK-Micronas serves all major automotive electronics customers worldwide, many of them in long-term partnerships for lasting success. Operational headquarters are based in Freiburg in Breisgau (Germany). Currently, TDK-Micronas employs around 1000 people. 
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About Dolphin Integration
Dolphin Integration, now a registered trademark of Dolphin Design SAS, is an integrated circuit design centre and exporter of integrated circuits and silicon IPs (virtual, analog and digital) for high volume manufacturing. As a major contributor to the emergence of a microelectronics design, and following the explosive growth trends in semiconductor design, Dolphin Integration’s mission is to become a global player within the specialized market of service design and optimization of integrated circuits for very low energy consumption. The company's products focus on serving the needs of dynamic consumer and industrial markets such as IoT, mobile, and automotive, as well as those of the European defence design industry.
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