Dynamic relationship

We strongly appreciate our suppliers as partners with the joint goal to develop lasting and long-term business connections and we see this partnership as a basis for a dynamic relationship. Together we want to optimize the supply chain and ensure reliability on a mutual basis.
Therefore we are committed that we can fulfill our customers’ expectations and guarantee competitive and high-quality products. We choose our suppliers based on objective and distinct criteria and assess them regularly. We actively pursue our global sourcing strategy and consequently seek suppliers who are able to live up our expectations for high quality and provide competitive prices.

Purchasing Philosphy


Global Sourcing

We collaborate with suppliers around the globe. Our purchasing department is oriented on the international procurement market. It is not crucial where in the world our suppliers are located as long as they fulfill our high quality standards.
As an internationally acting company we are continuously looking for skilled and high-performance suppliers. If you are not having any business relation to TDK-Micronas yet but you are striving to make your initial contact with us to supply your goods or services, please fill out our supplier questionnaire.