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Semiconductor Solutions for Automotive and Industrial

Sensor solutions for automotive and industrial electronics and application fields

In automotive electronics, TDK-Micronas is focusing both on highly integrated control systems for car interior applications, as well as on sensor systems for a wide range of applications, e.g. powertrain, chassis and body systems, or safety and security applications. They require on one hand rather simple Hall switches to detect a position, and on the other hand quite complex linear Hall-effect sensors for the measurement of a travel distance or of a rotational movement. Further areas of applications can be found in the industrial area, for example to control robots or to automate assembly equipment. Our sensor solutions are used in all types of white goods as well, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, and induction cookers, as well as heating and cooling systems. Hall-effect sensors can be found in almost any machine that needs to measure position, linear or rotational movement or even current.

Product Lines

Hall Switches

The easiest way to realize a digital switch is to use one of Micronas’ Hall-Switches, e.g. for end-position detection. Hall-Switches from TDK-Micronas offer superior quality and durability performance.

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Linear Hall-Sensors

Linear Hall-Sensors provide a signal proportional to the magnetic field strength. Hall-effect sensors are widely used for the replacement of conventional potentiometers.

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Direct Angle Sensors

This kind of sensors provide angular and position information by measuring sine and cosine components of the magnetic field. This is possible due to the new 3D HAL technology from TDK-Micronas.

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Embedded Motor Controllers

“On-demand” electric drives, and a general adoption of more efficient electrical motors are the main reasons for the growing demand for cost effective system solutions like the HVC 4xyzF from TDK-Micronas.

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Current Sensors

TMR-based closed-loop sensor for high-current coreless applications for automotive and industrial applications

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Sensor Solutions by Application


TDK-Micronas’ sensor portfolio has what you are looking for to finish your latest design of powertrains, chassis and body systems, and safety and security applications.

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From coffee machines to industrial robots - Products from TDK-Micronas are the optimal sensor solution for almost every application in which position, linear or rotational movements, or current are to be measured.

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