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HAL® 83x
HAC® 830

Robust Multi-Purpose Linear Hall-Effect Sensor


Short Description

The HAL 83x family consists of robust multi-purpose Hall sensors for linear displacement and angle detection below 90°. They offer flexibility thanks to the analog and PWM output as well, as to the programmable low-pass filter. Due to the high temperature stability, the sensors can be applied in harsh environments and their ability to detect low magnetic fields leads to reduced system costs.
All new family members will leverage upon TDK-Micronas’ long success in linear Hall-effect sensors, full in-house manufacturing, and automotive-proven zero ppm track record.
Major characteristics such as magnetic field range, sensitivity, output quiescent voltage and output voltage range are programmable in a non-volatile memory. All sensors feature a temperature-compensated Hall plate with choppered offset compensation, an A/D converter, digital signal processing, a D/A converter with output driver, an EEPROM with redundancy and lock function for the calibration data, a serial interface for programming the EEPROM, and protection devices at all pins.

The sensor can easily be calibrated for perfectly adjusting its output to the input signals and to compensate for any variations in the application (magnet positioning, temperature drift). This enables operation over the full temperature range with high accuracy. The calculation of the individual sensor characteristics and the programming of the EEPROM can easily be done with a PC and the application kit from TDK-Micronas.
The sensor is designed for hostile industrial and automotive applications (TJ =−40 °C up to 170 °C). The HAL 83x family is available in the very small leaded RoHs package TO92-UT and is AECQ100 qualified.


HAL 83x Family Overview
HAL 830 Analog output, 30 mT to 100 mT range
HAC 830 Analog output, 30 mT to 100 mT range, integrated caps
HAL 835 Analog and PWM output, 15 mT to 150 mT range, additional features

Block diagram – system architecture 83x 83x

All products of this family

HAC 830

Package: TO92UP
Ordering Code: HAC 830CV-A
Interface : Analog
Temp. Range: -40°C - 170°C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-30 - +-100

HAL 830

Package: TO92UT
Ordering Code: HAL 830UT-A
Interface : Analog
Temp. Range: -40°C - 170°C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-30 - +-150

HAL 835

Package: TO92UT
Ordering Code: HAL 835UT-A
Interface : Analog, PWM
Temp. Range: -40°C - 170°C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-15 - +-150