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Environment at TDK-Micronas

Following the introduction of a combined environmental protection, occupational safety and fire protection management, TDK‑Micronas GmbH has been certified to EMAS for the first time in July 2002 and re-certified to ISO 14001:2015 in July 2020. Furthermore, TDK-Micronas Ltd. in Scotland has been re-certified to ISO 14001:2015 in October 2020.

But the group's commitment to environmental protection and occupational safety dates back much longer: Since as early as the mid-80s, a dedicated department has been working on the issues addressed and standardized by ISO 14001 and EMAS. The recent certifications confirm that the results of the efforts undertaken meet all requirements of both standards. For the company itself, the safety of the technical facilities for man and environment is of utmost priority.



Environmental Certificates

ISO 14001

International standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental management system for all kinds of organizations that intend to achieve solid environmental performance and to demonstrate, by controlling the impact of its activities, products or services on the environment.