Current Sensing


These current sensors are developed for high-power DC and AC measurements in automotive and industrial applications. The sensors are based on the TDK TMR or Hall-effect technology, which have already been proven in existing automotive sensor products and are now paving the way for innovative current-sensing applications.

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Current Sensing

  • CUR 40xy
    • TA = -40 to 150 °C
    • SOIC8 package
    • ASIL-B ready
    • Diagnostic functions
    • High-accuracy contactless current sensing
    • Flexible Multi-Hall-Array for linear or differential sensing
    • SPI interface
    • Programmable characteristics
  • HAL 24x
    • TJ = −40 to 170 °C
    • TO92 package
    • Programmable
    HAL 2420
    • 2-point calibration
    HAL 2425
    • 2-point calibration
    • 16 setpoints linearization
    HAL 2455
    • 2-point calibration
    • 16 setpoints
    • PWM output
  • HAR 24xy
    • Dual-Die Hall sensors with in-package redundancy
    • TSSOP14 package

All products of this class

Product Package Temp. Range Interface Ordering Code
CUR 4000 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SPI CUR4000