Principles of Action – Relating to Environmental Protection, Industrial Safety, Fire protection (ESF)

Statutory Basic Conditions

We are committed to compliance with all applicable environmental, energy and industrial safety legislation as well as other requirements accepted by TDK-Micronas. In order to achieve this commitment, an effective internal and external system of approval management, risk analysis, and emergency precautions is implemented and developed. Our primary goal is to prevent and avoid environmental impacts and safety risks during normal operation, and in the event of an emergency, rather than limiting effects and/ or damage.

Motivated, Responsible and Competent Personnel

For efficient environmental protection, we need motivated and environmentally aware employees, with management providing a good example. By encouraging open communication, our employees are informed about all projects and activities in relation to both our local environmental management system and corporate environmental protection. Moreover, extensive training for our employees in environmental protection, industrial safety and fire protection is performed regularly.

Clear Structures

With clearly defined responsibilities and processes for all activities related to the environment, and the health and safety of employees, we have created the infrastructure for efficient and effective environmental, and industrial health and safety protection and development. In this context, we attach special value to interdisciplinary teamwork.

Availability of Information and Resources

We ensure that the information and resources of the environmental, safety and energy management, which are necessary to achieve the strategic and operative targets, are available.

Principle of ”Sustainability“

In assuming its responsibility for future generations, TDK-Micronas regards avoidance or minimization of environmental pollution as the top priority. This requires making optimum use of the resources we consume, such as materials and energy. This applies to all the phases of our product lifecycles we are able to influence, including processes within the company, and requires a forward-looking assessment of potential environmental impacts in all cases.

Cooperative Dealings with our Interest Groups

We take precautions to ensure that all contractors working on our factory site comply with our environmental and safety standards. In cooperation with our suppliers, we explicitly encourage them to implement the same environmental standards as TDK-Micronas. Furthermore, we advise our customers regarding all the environmentally relevant characteristics of our products. As a matter of course, we also promote close cooperation with authorities, and conduct a dialog with interested members of the public. We communicate openly our environmental and energy policy, the environmental impacts from our company and the environmental and energy performance.

Continuous Monitoring and Effectiveness Control

We regularly perform system audits to ensure the continued development and monitor the effectiveness of our ESF and energy management system. Any deviation from these principles or goals results in the immediate application and monitoring of appropriate corrective action. We regularly collect, record and evaluate environmental and energy-related indicators, in order to monitor our environmental and energy performance to achieve our set targets through measures for continuous improvement. We make sure we acquire efficient products and services that contribute to the conservation of resources and the improvement of our energy-related performance.