Dear Supplier,

being a leading independent manufacturer of innovative application-specific semiconductor solutions, TDK-Micronas is well aware of its environmental responsibility. Avoiding hazardous substances and reducing waste in production and in disposed products have high relevance for TDK-Micronas' processes and products. Implementing new environmentally friendly materials for its products is a major field of interest.


Where ever it is possible the concentration of a hazardous substance has to be reduced and such substances have to be substituted by less hazardous alternatives. This commitment is not only based on legal and customer requirements, but also part of the environmental policy of TDK-Micronas GmbH.


TDK-Micronas GmbH as part of the supply chain has to guarantee that legal and customer requirements are relayed to its suppliers. The specification "Prohibited and Declarable Substances / Requirements on Analysis Certificates" constitutes requirements on hazardous substances in homogeneous materials used for products and packing.

In the Ingredient List, the supplier guarantees in written form, with calendar date and legally binding signature that no prohibited substances according to the specification are contained in a homogeneous material or could be released from a homogeneous material delivered to TDK-Micronas respectively that at least all substances that have to be declared according to the specification are indicated in the Ingredient List.

An Ingredient List has to be sent from the supplier of the homogeneous material to TDK-Micronas with new sample inspections or new material specifications and before major changes. Major changes are for example1

  • The composition of the homogeneous material has changed.
  • The place of manufacture of the homogeneous material has changed.
  • Modifications of the specification that are relevant for supplied materials, e.g.:
    • a new standard has been included,
    • a new substance has been included,
    • an alteration of the grading of a substance (e.g. from to be declared to prohibited) or
    • an alteration of relevant thresholds in the standards has been implemented.
1Major changes lead to risks on the supply chain according to the Guideline for Customer Notifications of Product and/or Process Changes (PCN) of Electronic Components for Automotive Market (ZVEI [2006]).


If you have any questions regarding 'Green Procurement' please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.