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What we have to offer

Our benefits

We provide you with a wide range of attractive additional offerings and benefits. As a company that is committed to collective bargaining agreements of the metal and electrical industry, we offer all tariff employees numerous special services.



Flexible working models

Our flexible working (time) models can help you strike the right work/life balance. Examples include:
  • 35h week
  • Flextime (except in shift work)
  • Unlimited flextime days
  • Part-time arrangements
  • 30 days’ vacation entitlement
  • Home office



Attractive pay

Financial independence and security:
  • Attractive payments according to the collective agreement
  • Holiday and Christmas bonus
  • Performance fee
  • Further tariff-based annual special payments (T-ZUG, T-Geld)



Company retirement benefits

We always keep your long-term future in mind. Our employer-funded defined-contribution benefit plan helps you to prepare now for your future retirement.



Career development and continuing education

Whether you are a trainee, career beginner, seasoned specialist or experienced manager:

You will find career opportunities suited specifically to you at TDK-Micronas. You and your superior will work together to plan your professional development, enhancing your skills and adding to your wealth of experience as you complete varied assignments in an international environment.



Company medical service

Our medical team on site is on hand to advise you and provide prophylactic check-ups. The services provided include:
  • Healthcare advice
  • First aid
  • Investigations beyond the compulsory portions
  • Vaccinations



Company pastoral care

An external company pastoral care supports you in challenging life situations. The support and advice is always confidential and anonymous, for example at:
  • Stress at work
  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • Exhaustion
  • Family, marriage, partnership



Sports and healthcare offerings

Your health and fitness is important to us. We therefore place the following services at your disposal:
  • Medical Services
  • “Job-Rad”
  • Hansefit
  • Participation in the Freiburg Marathon / B2Run
  • Yoga
  • Massages
  • Fruit bags



Company cafeteria

Discounts in the company restaurant, canteens and break rooms.



Parking & public transportation

We are centrally located and are well connected to public transport.
  • Free company parking spaces
  • Subsidization of public transport tickets
  • Free charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes



Relocation Management

  • Service housings
  • Brokerage of rental and purchase properties
  • Administrative procedures
  • Translations