Corporate Milestones


08/2022More than 6 Billion Hall-Sensors shipped to the Automotive and Industrial Market
05/2022TDK-Micronas celebrates 60th anniversary with commissioning of first manufacturing building in 1962
04/2017TDK-Micronas becomes part of TDK's new established Sensor Systems Business Company (SSBC)
04/2017More than 4 Billion Hall-Sensors shipped to the Automotive and Industrial Market
03/2017Acquisition of ICsense NV
12/2016Renaming of the company to TDK-Micronas
10/2016Delisting of Micronas shares at SIX Swiss Exchange
03/2016TDK publishes the definitive notice of the end result
12/2015TDK to Acquire Micronas to Further Grow the Magnetic Sensor Business
08/2011X-FAB and Micronas join in strategic partnership
01/2010Concentration on automotive and industrial market
04/2009Trident Microsystems, Inc. to acquire parts of Micronas’ Consumer division
02/2009Announcement of restructuring of manufacturing organization and shut down of the Consumer division
12/2008Restructuring of Consumer division
12/2005Acquisition of WISchip International
12/2005Delisting of Prime Standard segment, Frankfurt
05/2004Acquisition of LINX Electronics
04/2003Acquisition of Microtune's Holland Design Center
10/2000Acquisition of the Image and Video division of Infineon Technologies by Micronas Holding GmbH.
07/2000Introduction of a combined environmental management and occupational safety management at Freiburg operations, certification to DIN EN ISO 14001
04/2000Acquisition of a 15 % stake in Analog Circuit Technologies (now innoCOMM Wireless), San Diego, CA, by Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG. This participating interest was sold in February 2001 with the takeover of innoCOMM Wireless by National Semiconductors.
02/2000Re-certification of quality management system of Freiburg operations to QS-9000 (already certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 in December 1993)
07/1999Listing at the Neuer Markt stock exchange in Frankfurt
10/1997Takeover of ITT Intermetall by Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG and renaming of the company to Micronas GmbH
1965Takeover of Intermetall by ITT Industries Europe and renaming of the company to Halbleiterwerk der deutschen ITT Industries GmbH (ITT Intermetall)
05/1958Settlement of the company Intermetall in Freiburg im Breisgau
1955Takeover by Clevite Corporation
1952Intermetall Gesellschaft für Metallurgie und Elektronik founded in Düsseldorf, Germany