Building, Home & Office Automation

TDK-Micronas aims to provide solutions for Building, Home & Office Automation from HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner), rolling shutters, vending machines to printers and metering applications

ApplicationSensor TypeDescriptionLinked Products
BLDC CommutationSwitchVentilation fan with BLDC motor is applied in HVAC field. With its accurate switch point, high ESD and short circuit protection, Micronas Hall switch is suitable for motor commutation in high quality fanHAL 15xy
Damper position sensorLinearA damper is a valve that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct or chimney in HVAC. A damper position sensor is requested to detect the position of valve. The wide portfolio of TDK-Micronas linear sensor offers the cost effective solution to build this type of sensor.HAL 18xy
HAL 835P
Air pressure sensorLinearDifferential air pressure sensor is applied in central heating system to monitor the condition of water flow. Hall based pressure sensor using Micronas linear Hall sensor has the features of low cost, reliability and stability over a wide temperature range.HAL 18xy
HAL 2425
Flow sensorSwitchHome boiler requires water flow sensor to monitor the flow rate, which is fed back to the central control system to fire the adequate energy to keep constant temperature of water. Micronas Hall switch with its low power consumption is suitable for the application.HAL 15xy
Fan speed sensorSwitchFan speed sensor is applied in the air blower of a boiler to detect the volume of air blown into the chamber of a boiler. Cost effective and high accurate Hall switch from TDK-Micronas is widely used in this application.HAL 15xy
Proximity sensorSwitchProximity sensor is applied in rolling shutter /door to detect the end position of door / shutter to stop the motor. Hall based proximity sensor has advantages over optical proximity sensor with regards to good temperature range, contamination proof and reliabilityHAL 15xy