Home Appliances & White Goods

TDK-Micronas aims to provide solutions for Home Appliance & White goods from washing machine, dishwasher, cook top to coffee machine.

ApplicationSensor TypeDescriptionLinked Products
BLDC motorSwitchBLDC motor is widely applied in washing machine and dish washer. Low power high performance Micronas Hall switches are well suitable for the applications.HAL 15xy
Door locker2/3-wire SwitchHome appliance requires noncontact door locker module to replace micro switch module, to obtain reliability, and quality. Micronas 3 wire Hall switch can fulfil the requirement. 2wire Hall switch can save the system cost by saving one wire.HAL 15xy
Water level sensorLinearWashing machine demands reliable water level sensor. Hall based pressure sensor using Micronas linear Hall sensor can replace coil based water level sensor to achieve the high accuracy cross the temperature range.HAL 18xy
HAL 2425
Knob2D/LinearWashing machine and cooktop requires reliable knob to select the function and control the appliance. Micronas 2D Hall sensor features high sensitivity, low voltage drift and full range measurement of angle.HAL 3725
HAL 2425
Flow sensorSwitchHome appliance demands high accuracy and reliable flow sensor to measure fluid delivery. Micronas Hall switch is perfect for the application due to accurate switch point and high ESD level.HAL 15xy
Fan speed sensorSwitchFume hood needs the fan to extract the exhaust gas and vapor in the kitchen. Micronas Hall switch with high ESD and over and short voltage protection improve the reliability of fan speed sensor in fume hoodHAL 15xy