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    1. Steering Torque

    Redundant steering torque information delivered by two sensors is essential for the drive of the steering assist motor. Micronas' Linear Hall sensors are used for magnetic field amplitude measurement offering low-noise and low-offset drift capabilities. Analog output and digital output (PWM or SENT) are available. Redundant sensor bring cost advantage


    Sensor Type: Linear

    Micronas Products inside:

    HAL 835

    HAL 283x

    HAR 24xy

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    2. Steering Angle

    2D Hall-effect sensors measuring angles up to 360° are a cost-efficient solution for a contactless steering position measurement. The devices support state-of-the art interfaces like PWM and SENT. 


    Sensor Type: 2D

    Micronas Products inside:

    HAL 3735

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    3. Steering Motor - BLDC Motor

    As part of the power steering system, Hall switches are used for BLDC motor commutation. To reduce the overall current consumption, the HAL 1502 3-wire version with only 1.6 mA is preferred. 


    Sensor Type: Switch

    Micronas Products inside:

    HAL 15xy 3-wire

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    4. Chassis position sensor

    The chassis position sensors (CPS) are located near the vehicle's front and rear axes. They determine the vehicle’s current position and adjusts the range of the main headlights accordingly. CPS requires angular sensors with full 360° measurement range, which is usually split into four segments of 90° or three of 120°. The interface is usually analog, PWM, or recently also PSI5.


    Sensor Type: 2D

    Micronas Products inside:

    HAL 3715

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    5. Braking Pedal

    A 2-wire unipolar Hall switch or a 2D Hall sensor can be used to detect when the brake pedal is pressed. As price attractive solution, the switch determines when the pedal has passed a certain position whereas the 2D sensor measures the complete angle/movement of the pedal, providing higher safety.


    Sensor Type: Switch, 2D

    Micronas Products inside:

    HAL 15xy 2-wire

    HAL 37xy

    HAR 37xy




  • HVC 42xyF/4420F

    Flex Servo-Drive for Direct Control of Electric Motors

  • HAL 37xy

    Programmable Hall sensors for rotational or linear position detection based on 3D HAL® technology

  • HAL 283x

    Linear Hall sensors with digital interfaces

  • HAL 83x

    Robust multi-purpose linear Hall sensors for linear displacement and angle detection

  • HAL 15xy

    First ISO 26262 compliant low power Hall switches in SOT23 package