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HAL 39xy

Programmable 3D Position Sensor Family with Stray-Field Compensation

Short Description

HAL 39xy is a new generation of 3D position sensors from TDK-Micronas addressing the need for stray field robust linear and rotary position detection as well as ISO 26262 compliant developments.

This new family consist of three family members: HAL 3900 featuring an SPI interface and HAL 3930 with PWM/SENT interface. In addition, HAL 3930 has a switch output (configurable hi-/low-side switch). The switch signal is derived from the calculated position information. It is possible to define an on/off switching point along the full-scale range of the position information.

All three devices can measure a 360° angular range, linear movements as well as 3D position. Depending on the sensor type, it is possible to transmit temperature compensated raw values of BX, BY, BZ or up to two calculated angles.

All devices offer the possibility of using set-point linearization in order to improve the overall output linearity. The customer can select between either 33 equidistant distributed or 17 variable setpoints.

The sensors measure the position of a magnet, based on the Micronas 3D HAL® technology. The devices are able to suppress external magnetic stray fields by using an array of Hall plates. Only a simple two-pole magnet is required to measure a rotation angle. Ideally the magnet should be placed above the sensitive area in an end-of-shaft configuration. Off-axis measurements are possible as well. The sensors are defined as SEooC according to ISO 26262. Major characteristics like gain and offset, reference position, etc. can be adjusted to the magnetic circuitry by programming the non-volatile memory.

The sensors are designed for automotive and industrial applications and operate in an ambient temperature range of –40 °C up to max. 160 °C.

The HAL 39xy family is available in a very small eight-pin SOIC8 package.

Block diagram – system architecture

All products of this family

HAL 3900

Package: SOIC8
Ordering Code: HAL3900A-DJ
界面: SPI
温度范围: -40°C - 160°C
Magn. Range [mT]: -10 - +130

HAL 3930

Package: SOIC8
Ordering Code: HAL3930A-DJ
温度范围: -40°C - 160°C
Magn. Range [mT]: -10 - +130

HAL 3980

Package: SOIC8
Ordering Code: HAL3980A-DJ
界面: SERIAL, Digital
温度范围: -40°C - 160°C
Magn. Range [mT]: -10 - +130