New types of Hall-effect sensors do not measure the absolute magnetic field anymore. So-called direct angle sensors capture the field vector by measuring sine and cosine cmoponents of the magnetic field. This is possible due to the new 3D HAL technology from Micronas. Vertical Hall plates measure the magnetic field cmponents in the chip plane and not the components  perpendicular to the chip surface. These kind of sensors provide angular and position information directly via an output signal proportional to the measured angle or position.

Products by Application

  • HAL 39xy

    Programmable 3D Position Sensor Family with Stray-Field Compensation

  • HAL 37xy

    Programmable Hall sensors for rotational or linear position detection based on 3D HAL® technology

  • HAL 24xy

    Precise robust programmable linear Hall sensors for extended distances measurement

  • HAL 36xy

    Programmable Hall sensors for rotational position detection based on 3D HAL® technology


  • HAL 2850

    Linear Hall-Effect Sensors with PWM Bus

  • HAL 82x

    High precision programmable linear Hall sensors with low temperature drifts

  • HAL 81x

    Programmable linear Hall sensors with non-volatile memory

  • HAL 4xy

    Pre-configured offset compensated linear Hall sensors with wide temperature range

  • HAL 283x

    Linear Hall sensors with digital interfaces