Hall switches are commonly used for end-position detection. The sensor recognizes the presence of a magnetic fi eld by signaling an ON/OFF state. Therefore Hall switches are widely used to replace micro switches, offering superior quality and durability performance.

Products by Application

  • HAL 18xy

  • HAL 39xy

    Programmable 3D Position Sensor Family with Stray-Field Compensation

  • HAL 15xy

    First ISO 26262 compliant low power Hall switches in SOT23 package

  • HAL 83x

    Robust multi-purpose linear Hall sensors for linear displacement and angle detection

  • HAL 24xy

    Precise robust programmable linear Hall sensors for extended distances measurement

  • HAL 36xy

    Programmable Hall sensors for rotational position detection based on 3D HAL® technology


  • HAL 2850

    Linear Hall-Effect Sensors with PWM Bus

  • HAL 10xy

    In system Hall switches with two programmable switching points