Embedded Motor Controller

Embedded Motor Controller

The Micronas high-voltage controllers combine a standard microcontroller core with a wide range of additional functions which, up to now, could only be realized via external circuit elements.The HVC 4223F and the HVC 4420F are designed as embedded controllers for smart actuators. They feature advanced integration for compact and cost-effective system designs for use in automotive applications and beyond (industrial, instrumentation, etc.). Replacement of conventional mechanical drive by “on-demand” electricdrive and a general adoption of more efficient electrical motors are the main reasons for a growing demand for cost-effective system solutions for electrical motor control and drive. Long lifetime reliability, reduction of weight and overall dimension are additional key issues which have to be addressed especially for automotive applications like e.g. HVAC flaps. 

Thanks to theirbetter efficiency, lower acoustic and electrical noise brushless DC (BLDC) are gaining a significant share of the electrical motors by replacing brushed (BDC) and stepper motors. Micronas´ high-voltage controllers integrate almost all surrounding circuits needed for driving electrical motors. In addition to the UART interface, the built-in networking capabilities enable the deployment of LIN bus control for a wider range of applications like e.g. remote smart actuator. Reducing the number of external components to a minimum, the product’s flexible peripherals allow direct controlling of brushed and brushless electrical motors either by means of three fully integrated half-bridges or by controllingthree external MOSFET half-bridges. Thanks to this flexibility in driving the electrical motor, HVC controllers provide an effective system solutionfor both small and medium sized electrical motors, enabling a common product platform. This gives our customers a decisive competitive edge becausethey are much faster at the implementation stage and need fewer resources in the development process of their various applications. 

Products by Application

HVC 4x

Flex Servo-Drives for Direct Control of Electric Motors

HVC 5x

Compact Motor-Controllers for BLDC, BDC, or Stepper Motors