Company Profile

About TDK-Micronas

TDK-Micronas is part of TDK’s Sensor Systems Business Company and competence center for magnetic-field sensing and CMOS integration. The company was founded in 1952 and taken over by the Japanese TDK Corporation in 2016. Since 1962, operational headquarters are located in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). In addition to manufacturing plant, research and development as well as marketing and sales, TDK-Micronas runs a test center in Glenrothes, Scotland, and numerous sales offices around the world. The company’s core competence is the development of sensor solutions for automotive and industrial applications. The product range comprises Hall switches, linear sensors, 3D direct-angle sensors and current sensors, as well as embedded motor controllers for the drive of BDC, BLDC, and stepper motors. TDK-Micronas has gained operational excellence in semiconductor manufacturing for sensors and actuators in over 25 years of in-house production. It was the first company to integrate a Hall-effect based sensor element into CMOS technology in 1993. Since then, TDK-Micronas has shipped over five billion Hall sensors under the product brand “Micronas” to the automotive and industrial market.  


Product Line - Hall Sensors

TDK-Micronas supplies a wide range of Hall-effect sensors for many different kinds of applications. TDK-Micronas has pioneered CMOS based Hall-effect sensors offering today highest quality products for different parameters like position, pressure, speed, level and current. Different sensor families have been developed in the past. The switch family includes simple switches (HAL 5xy / HAL 2xy), double-plate switches (HAL 7xy) as well as highest complex programmable switches (HAL 10xy). Another major family is comprised out of linear sensors which includes non-programmable (HAL 4xy) as well as programmable (HAL 8xy) but also with direct network interfacing like LIN (HAL 28xy). The latter represents a so-called "smart or intelligent sensor" which means a further step on system integration level including already a small microcontroller.

In automotive electronics TDK-Micronas is focusing both on highly integrated systems for car interior applications and on sensor systems for a whole range of applications.

TDK-Micronas today offers the world’s broadest range of Hall-effect sensors. Our expertise in Hall sensors combines perfectly with our CMOS and mixed-signal design resources to create accurate, intelligent sensors for a broad range of Industrial applications.

Hall sensors are also increasingly establishing themselves in automated manufacturing processes and household equipment. TDK-Micronas' sensor solutions are in demand for industrial applications such as robotics controllers and systems to automate manufacturing equipment. Hall sensors can also be used in many household items, including washing machines, tumble driers, cooker hobs, and heating and cooling systems.


Product Line – embedded Microcontroller for Smart Actuators

In developing its products, TDK-Micronas can draw on more than 30 years' automotive experience, going right back to the first electronic circuitry employed in the car interior - the car clock IC. The increasing functionality over the past years has led to three major product families within the product line of embedded microcontrollers. Their main differentiation is the overall performance derived by the CPU core ranging from 8 to 32bit systems. TDK-Micronas' expertise helps customer reducing system costs by integrating functionality onto silicon like advanced power saving modes, EMI reduction, etc. All the integration has culminated in one of today's most advanced system solutions for infotainment, entertainment and body control - TDK-Micronas' LEAP family concept (Low Emission Automotive Processors), based on an ARM7TDMI® CPU core.