Direct Angle Sensors

Angle Sensors

Overview Angle Sensors

New types of Hall-effect sensors do not measure the absolute magnetic field anymore. Angle sensors capture the field vector by measuring sine and cosine components of the magnetic field. This is possible due to the new 3D HAL technology from TDK-Micronas. Vertical Hall plates measure the magnetic field components in the chip plane and not the components perpendicular to the chip surface. These kind of sensors provide angular and position information directly via an output signal proportional to the measured angle or position.

License Note: HAL 37xy and HAL 39xy use licenses of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

Angle Sensors

HAL 302x
  • TA = −40 to 150 °C
  • SOIC8 package
  • Motor Position Sensing
  • High-speed 360° angle measurement          
  • Programmable characteristics
  • Diagnostic functions




HAL 3020
  • Lower current consumption
HAL 3021
  • Higher robustness against mechanical tolerances
  • Higher SNR
  • Closer air gaps, smaller target magnet
HAL 37xy
  • TA = −40 to 150°C
  • SOIC8, TO92UP or
    TO92UF package
  • Superior accuracy
  • Programmable characteristics in a non-volatile memory          
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Measurement of angular
    and linear position




HAL 3715
  • 12-bit analog modulo output
HAL 372x
  • 12-bit analog output
HAL 373x
  • PWM and SENT output
HAR 3715
  • 12-bit analog modulo output
  • Dual-die variant
HAR 372x
  • 12-bit analog output
  • Dual-die variant
HAR 373x
  • PWM and SENT output
  • Dual-die variant
HAC 3715
  • 12-bit analog modulo output
  • Integrated capacitors
HAC 372x
  • 12-bit analog output
  • Integrated capacitors
HAC 373x
  • PWM and SENT output
  • Integrated capacitors
HAL 39xy
  • TA = −40 to 150 °C
  • SOIC8 or TO92UF, or
    SSOP16 package
  • SEooC according to ISO 26262
  • Stray-field compensation
    for homogenous and gradient magnetic fields
  • 3D position detection
    (linear movement, angle
    and position)
  • Direct 12 V battery supply
  • Programmable characteristics in a non-volatile memory
HAL 3900
  • SPI interface
  • Position and BX, BY, BZ
HAL 3930
  • PWM/SENT/Switch interface
  • Up to two angles
HAC 3930
  • PWM/SENT/Switch interface
  • Up to two angles
  • Integrated capacitors
HAL 3960
  • 2-wire PWM interface
  • One angle
  • Integrated capacitors
HAL 3970
  • SPC Interface
HAL 3980
  • PSI5 Rev. 2.x interface
  • Angle and angle velocity
HAR 3900
  • SPI interface
  • Dual-die variant
HAR 3927
  • Analog output or SENT interface
  • Dual-die variant
HAR 3930
  • PWM or SENT interface
  • Dual-die variant

All products of this class

Productsort descending Package Temp. Range Interface Ordering Code
HAC 3715 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC 3715UF-A
HAC 3725 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC3725UF-A
HAC 3726 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC3726UF-A
HAC 3727 TO92UF -40°C-170°C Analog HAC3727UF-A
HAC 3735 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAC3735UF-A
HAC 3736 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAC3736UF-A
HAC 3737 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAC3737UF-A
HAC 3930 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT, Digital HAC3930A-CX
HAC 3980 TO92UF -40°C-170°C PSI5 HAC3980UF
HAL 3020 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, Analog Differential HAL3020DJ
HAL 3021 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, Analog Differential HAL3021DJ
HAL 3625 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 3625DJ-A
HAL 3675 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM HAL 3675DJ-A
HAL 3715 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3715UP-A
HAL 3715 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3715DJ-A
HAL 3725 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3725DJ-A
HAL 3725 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3725UP-A
HAL 3726 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3726UP-A
HAL 3726 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3726DJ-A
HAL 3727 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3727UP-A
HAL 3727 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 3727DJ-A
HAL 3735 TO92UP -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3735UP-A
HAL 3735 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3735DJ-A
HAL 3736 TO92UP -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3736UP-A
HAL 3736 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3736DJ-A
HAL 3737 TO92UP -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3737UP-A
HAL 3737 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL 3737DJ-A
HAL 3900 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SPI HAL3900A-DJ
HAL 3927 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAL3927DJ-A
HAL 3930 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAL3930A-DJ
HAL 3960 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM HAL3960DJ
HAL 3970 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SPC HAL3970A-DJ
HAL 3980 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C SERIAL, Digital HAL3980A-DJ
HAR 3715 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3715DJ-A
HAR 3725 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3725DJ-A
HAR 3726 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3726DJ-A
HAR 3727 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR 3727DJ-A
HAR 3735 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR 3735DJ-A
HAR 3736 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR 3736DJ-A
HAR 3737 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR 3737DJ-A
HAR 3795 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3795DJ-A
HAR 3796 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3796DJ-A
HAR 3797 (Dual-Die) SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3797DJ-A
HAR 3900 SSOP16 -40°C-170°C SPI HAR3900A-GU
HAR 3927 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR3927DJ-A
HAR 3930 SSOP16 -40°C-170°C PWM, SENT HAR3930A-GU